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Wheel of Fortune
Often, the Wheel of Fortune indicates that you feel powerless and unable to influence to course of things. You go through experiences that you can barely control or influence. This card indicates circumstances beyond one's control. It other words: fate.

This card, however, may also indicate that you are willing to take fate in your own hands.

You may feel that you are at the mercy of the peaks and troughs of your life and as a consequence put your hopes in the hands of fate. It may be wiser to shape your fate more actively with some self-determination.

Love and relationships
In your personal relationship the Wheel of Fortune shows you that you don't feel at ease in the current situation. This may be because you are single and not in a relationship.

It may also be that you are in the middle of a problematic relationship. Maybe it's wise to take fate in your own hands and change your destiny?

Work and career
Regarding your work the Wheel of Fortune tells you that you feel powerless. Do you suffer from routine and ingrained patterns? Do you feel your job is just happening to you without you being part of it really? Take your fate in your own hands.

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