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Justice, quite obviously, stands for clear and objective insight, a well thought through judgement, integrity, balance and justice. Regarding everyday matters, this card points you to your own behaviour.

If you are honest and fair, you will be treated likewise. Hypocrisy and falseness lead to trouble. You reap what you sow. This card indicates a high degree of individual responsibility.

This card shows you that you don't get things for free, but you won't be denied either, so that for all you receive and experience you and you alone are responsible.

Love and relationships
In your personal relationship balance emerges. You are at balance in your current relationship or you are at peace with the fact that you are single. This card stands for harmony and for the interaction that comes with it: what goes around comes around.

Work and career
Regarding your work Justice shows you that you can count on a balanced treatment in your work. Furthermore, this card indicates that you approach your work clear and sober. That's fine. But erm... Where is your passion?

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