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No card is more often misunderstood as Death. Many people unjustly interpret this card as a harbinger of death in their own lives. That is not what this card stands for.

Death stands for letting go, for farewells, for the end. But this doesn't have to be negative. Old doors need to be shut for new doors to open. In this sense, this card indicates we stand at the threshold of new times, new beginnings.

This card tells you to feel grateful for the period you leave behind. You broke away from a certain issue but you probably still feel the pain of saying goodbye. Ask yourself what else you can do to bring this parting to a peacefully handled ending.

Love and relationships
In your personal relationship this card is trying to tell you that a particular phase in your relationship is coming to an end. This doesn't automatically mean that you relationship will end, although it could be so. However, it may well be possible that you and your partner together bring this relationship to a higher level.

Work and career
Regarding your work Death shows you that a particular project or task has come to an end. It also indicates that something new awaits you. Do not immediately focus on this new thing. First make sure that you have properly said goodbye to the task you've completed.

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