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Temperance is an old fashioned term for what we now call 'the human scale'. Balance, serenity, peace of mind and harmony are key words associated with this card.

This card shows you the joy you feel when you are in balance with yourself and take good care or yourself. If applicable, this card also stands for healing.

Temperance calls to you to go and find yourself in silence. Take your time and pamper yourself until you feel satisfied and happy. That is what this card calls for.

Love and relationships
In your personal relationships this card points towards 'the human scale' within your relationship. Temperance stands for a peaceful and relaxing period perhaps following a turbulent period in which you and you partner have overcome quite some problems.

This card may also indicate that you can expect a new commitment or affair.

Work and career
Regarding your work Temperance shows you that the work you need to do, you execute almost submissively. The positive meaning of this card shows a calm and relaxing work atmosphere. Beware of meekness or apathy.

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