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The Devil
Of all 78 cards in the Tarot deck, The Devil is probably most difficult to get a grip on. The Devil has a different face for everyone.

In any case, common features of this card are dependency, inertia and failing initiatives.

The card points to the fact that we are playing with fire and we should watch out (devilishly) that we do not get burned.

On a deeper level, this card warns you to not let your dark side have the upper hand in certain matters. In other words: be careful!

Love and relationships
In your personal relationships the temptations of The Devil are exciting and passionate. However, in love matters this card also tells you that you are playing with fire. And this is not the fire of passion and warmth, but a destructive fire, which destroys all what is organic. Know what your doing!

Work and career
Regarding your work The Devil shows you that you are seduced by impurities in your work and the things you do. Maybe you are take advantage of someone's credulity? Or maybe you mislead colleagues or business partners?

Whatever it is you are doing, make sure you dare to still look at yourself in the mirror after your working day.

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