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The Tower
Many keywords apply The Tower. This card stands for a sudden insight, for traumatic changes, catastrophe, shock, carelessness and a lack of insight or knowledge.

The Tower also tells you that you are under the delusion that you are certain about a matter, but that this is unjust. Changes often feel catastrophic because you seem to loose a certainty that wasn't there in the first place. Another view on this matter is that you are freed of ballast and you can move forward faster and lighter.

This card indicates that you've been hiding behind a high wall recently. This wall is now slowly coming down. Rest assured that behind this collapsing wall life in all its fullness awaits you.

You will find out that your supposed security was actually more like a prison and that in phase you now enter you may feel vulnerable, but it will be a warm phase in which life shows itself in full.

Love and relationships
In your personal relationships the explosive powers of The Tower are often disruptive. This card may indicate a switch in thinking, acting and doing within your relationship. It may indicate you've clung to it too much. And you know: claiming and clasping in a relationship inevitably lead to having to pick up the shambles.

This card may also tell you that after a period in which you've closed your heart for others your heart will now be moved deeply by someone and cautiously opens up for what may be a budding relationship.

Work and career
Regarding your work The Tower shows you that not everything is as certain as it seems. Is there a chance you will get fired? Do your expectations fall short? It seems you're in a bit of a mess, but look around you when the dust has settled. It may be better then.

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