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The Star
The Star is the card of hope, wisdom and understanding of overall ligatures. This card tells you that you start or sow something that will shine its light till far in the future.

As seeding goes, it takes a while before you can harvest the fruitful results of your labour. The Star indicates that you may entertain a hope regarding achieving your goal.

Traditionally, The Star counted as one of three protecting cards and announces fortunate success.

Love and relationships
In your personal relationships this card stands for promising encounters. This may be an encounter with someone new but it may also be the case that you suddenly see someone you already know in a different light.

In any case, it's an encounter with prospects. The Star usually indicates relationships that are characterised by a lucky star.

Work and career
Regarding your work The Star tells you that you are at the start of a new activity. This may concern plans you've created, but it may also mean a new task is assigned to you in your job. In any case, there's a good chance you will be successful.

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