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The Moon
The Moon leads you to the mysterious world of the soul or psyche. The bright side of The Moon refers to romantic dreams, lively fantasies and great feelings.

However, The Moon also has its dark side, which is often taller than the bright side. Keywords associated with this dark side are anxiety, uncertainty and fear of the unknown.

Love and relationships
In your personal relationships this card mostly shows its romantic side. A side that sprouts dreams and builds castles in the air.

In addition, this card also means uncertainty and anxiety. The Moon can represent relationships in which you deal with jealousy or fear of being abandoned.

Work and career
Regarding your work The Moon shows you that you have reasons to be afraid. Fear of not being able to complete a certain task or fear for a project failing.

Maybe you are afraid that other people realise that you are not as competent as they thought you were. You can't run away from your fears, so take a deep breath and confront your fear. And ask yourself to which extent your fear is real?

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