Daily Tarot

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The Sun
The Sun radiates warmth, optimism and lust for life, a lot of it. This card also stands for the enlightening powers of our consciousness, which give you clarity about your worries, frustrations and annoyances.

The card also is a symbol of vitality that shows you the sunny side of life. Meaning that this card encourages you to overcome your own dark sides and develop your sunny nature.

Love and relationships
In your personal relationships The Sun indicates sunny times to come. The card stands for warmth, care freeness and intense enjoyment.

This card gives, and gives and gives without expecting anything in return. In the area of relationships, this means that you are able to fulfil the deepest desires of your partner.

Work and career
Regarding your work The Sun shows you that you are enjoying your work and that you're successful as well. Or at least that is what it looks like. You appear sunny and warm. Use your kindness to reach your goals but beware of hypocrisy.

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