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Don't judge a book by its cover. That is the best way to describe this card. Judgement is often associated with punishment and fear, but that is far from the truth. This card stands for resurrection.

Judgement stands for a decisive step towards self-development and for transformation to a higher level. In everyday life, this means you are freed of worries and anxiety and you have successfully overcome a difficult task.

Love and relationships
In your personal relationships this card symbolises the treasure you will trace back in your current relationship. This concerns a profound transformation that makes you realise how much you have cut yourself off from what was such a joyous encounter.

Look at it as if it is a fairy tale where the hero at the end of the story overcomes his fear and does what is right so that all ends well.

Work and career
Regarding your work Judgement shows you that you've entered a decisive phase. Maybe a drastic change lies in wait? Perhaps you started to have doubts? This card indicates that you will make choices regarding your work, consciously or unconsciously, to get rid of quite some ballast.

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