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The World
The World shows newfound unity, the experience of blissful harmony and a happy conclusion regarding a certain activity. This card indicates that you have found your place, wherever that may be.

It is possible that this card tells you that you have taken an important step towards true authenticity and completeness. In short, The World stands for happy times.

Love and relationships
In your personal relationships this card says that you feel at home in your current relationship. The World shows you that your current lover is not just an accidental passer-by, but that you have found someone who gives meaning to your life and the way you are developing.

Work and career
Regarding your work The World shows you that you are where you want to be. You have chosen a profession you like and you use your talents for something that you're actually good at.

What steps will you now take to further develop yourself? Will you pursue the same course or adopt a new course?

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