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The High Priestess
Behold the heavenly queen Demeter, Isis, Maya or any of the other names people have given her. The High Priestess symbolises our unconscious powers like no one else does. She represents sensitivity, intuition and deeply rooted certainty.

Her sunny side represents beautiful features such as understanding, goodness and forgiveness. Her dark side represents the black witch who abuses her power to make a stooge of others.

In the Tarot, it is mostly the kind and helpful side of The High Priestess that is highlighted. Traditionally she is one of the three protecting cards of the Tarot.

Love and relationships
In your personal relationships the High Priestess shows her sunny side most of the time. Understanding, deep affection, intimacy and caring are the notions associated with this card.

Work and career
Regarding your work the High Priestess shows you that you should take on your current tasks in an easy or calm way. Let your inner voice and your (feminine) intuition lead you whilst executing these tasks.

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