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The Empress
This card stands for fertility in all possible areas. The Empress embodies the inexhaustible force of nature, which creates new life, again and again. On a physical level, this card represents growth and fertility.

On a spiritual level, this card symbolises creativity, resourcefulness and a richness of ideas.

The card also stands for increasing your insights. The continuous birth of all that is new causes our lives to constantly change on the one hand and leads to the necessity to live through the pain of these births on the other hand.

Love and relationships
In your personal relationships this card symbolises change and renewal. The Empress points to liveliness and enjoyable developments. Also, in existing relationships, this is a 'fertile period'. The Empress is sometimes seen as the card that symbolises the wild mother of desire and lust.

Work and career
Regarding your work The Empress tells you that you are experiencing a restless phase. Do you have a lot on your plate? Is there much appeal on your creativity and on your problem solving skills? Whatever is going on you may assume that things will improve.

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