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The Emperor
Stability, structure and security. These are the values symbolised by The Emperor. This card depicts our efforts to be independent of the conditions of nature.

This card is often looked at with suspicion, but The Emperor shows rigidity, discipline and perfectionism alongside more positive values such as sobriety, responsibility and pragmatic actions.

In any case, The Emperor is linked to our desire for civilisation and security. The card indicates that you look at most issues realistically and business like. At the same time, The Emperor warns you: do not carry on too far and watch out for uninspiring perfection.

Love and relationships
In your personal relationships this card symbolises stability and security. Be cautious though: do not let your craving for security turn into rigidity and lust of power. This could very much harm your relationships with others.

Work and career
Regarding your work The Emperor tells you that order will be created in the chaos. This card stands for clarity, steadfastness and determination. You won't get anything for free though. Whether you will succeed depends fully on your commitment and your discipline.

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