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This card is somewhat linked to The Magician. They both represent the secret of profound inner harmony.

However, Strength differs from The Magician in this way that all unconscious strength, courage and passion originate from the reconcilement of the civilised human being with his animal nature.

This card tells you never to hide your instincts behind a layer of virtue.

This way you will not only have your primal powers at your disposal but also all reserve powers that you formerly used up to suppress your instincts.

Love and relationships
In your personal relationships your ardour and your physical passion come forward. This card stands for intense passion through the night and until dawn and for passionate relationships. Such relationships are characterized by a great amount of strength that leads to us feeling we can take on anything and everything.

Work and career
Regarding your work Strength shows you that you do your work passionately and full of energy. This card indicates that you succeed in the task you've set yourself. If you stay motivated, you can do anything.

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