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What is Tarot?

According to the official description Tarot is a card game that is used for card readings and for fortune telling. This is true, but is doesn't quite nail it.

Tarot card readings are best seen as a way to gain insight into various aspects of everyday life using symbolic cards. You may use Tarot cards if you want to gain insight into issues concerning love, work, the mind or your own personal development.

The future
Tarot is not, in any way, an instrument to predict the future with. That would only be possible if we would live in a world in which all that happens in the future was predefined meaning that your own decisions have no influence whatsoever on your own life. And that would be, you know, absurd.

Furthermore, you must take into account that almost all cards in the Tarot deck have ambiguous meanings. Hardly any card can be read unambiguously. This is to say that the way in which you 'read' a particular card is of influence on the value you give to it.

Tarot cards never tell you what you should or should not do. You are responsible for your own life. No card can change that fact. Tarot cards may help you to better understand certain issues. Drawing or reading Tarot cards should never be or become the only all-embracing guide in your life.

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